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This 6-video series presents evidence-based techniques you can use TODAY to stop a fight in its tracks and fix your relationship – without the need for a full round of couples therapy. Watch the first video for free!

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Phil DeLuca, MSW, LCSW uses evidenced-based science to help couples tune into love, stop arguing, and save their relationship.  Expert marriage therapist, author, trainer, speaker, and presenter Phil DeLuca has developed a conflict resolution model for couples that frequently works where current communication models fail. With 30 years of experience providing couples therapy in North Carolina, he helps couples all over the United States. If you have tried everything to save your marriage and failed, reach out for help.

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What they are saying about this course:

Wow, this is very intense information. It worked just like you said it would to stop an argument. I wish I had known this before wasting my time in counseling all those months.”

–Q.P Charlotte, NC

It really works!”

–M.S. Indian Trail, NC

My wife and I, like so many others, have some challenges with arguing. After watching Phil Deluca’s video, it truly painted a picture of the physiological changes that occur in your body when you are in fight or flight mode. The sudden change in your body that occurs when you are triggered and gives image-based comparisons that stick with you throughout the next few days because it was both entertaining and factual.”

–S.A. Monroe, NC

I WISH I would have known about this transforming way to communicate a LONG TIME AGO but now that I do I will never go back to the model of broken traditional communication”.

–Bearded Black Cowboy with Larry Stevenson

Scarily accurate!”

–P.J. Matthews, NC

Phil DeLuca’s Un-Talk was the most helpful information I’ve heard regarding relationship management. I feel I’m much better prepared to deal with my “Crocodile Brain” when it rears its head again.”

– Douglas Coleman, Douglas Coleman Show

After watching the introduction to UnTalk therapy I felt that a misunderstood topic was simply addressed and identified. Previous approaches to the age old problem of “couple fighting” were dispelled and a logical and effective solution was clearly presented.

K.R., Cornelius NC